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Newville Client Alice James to Join State Lawsuit Against CSL Plasma for Discriminatory Ban on

(Minneapolis; March 7, 2019)—Alice James, a client of Joshua Newville, will join Attorney General Keith Ellison and Department of Human Rights (MDHR) Commissioner Rebecca Lucero in suing a plasma collection company for its discriminatory ban on donations by transgender persons.

a whiteboard with handwriting that says "Hello my pronouns are ... "

In 2011, Ms. James began donating plasma at CSL Plasma locations in Minnesota. For nearly four years, CSL refused to acknowledge Ms. James’ gender identity. In 2015, CSL stopped allowing Ms. James to donate plasma, citing a company policy barring transgender persons from making such donations. That policy violates the Minnesota Human Rights Act. In 2016, Ms. James filed a discrimination complaint with the MDHR. That complaint led to the lawsuit filed this week by the MDHR and Attorney General.

Newville will work with the Attorney General's office to prosecute this matter, jointly suing CSL Plasma for its conduct on behalf of their clients.

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Joshua Newville is an attorney and mediator based in Minnesota. He litigates employment and civil rights cases, serves as a mediator for civil disputes, and provides employment law advice.