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Joshua Newville, Minnesota Employment Lawyer, Civil Rights Attorney, and Mediator

Civil rights are the most important legal protections we have as individuals. In addition to prohibitions against discrimination and police misconduct, civil rights include protections for free speech, religion, employment, privacy, a fair trial, and more.

Minnesota Civil Rights Attorney

As a civil rights lawyer practicing in Minnesota and beyond, I focus on protecting people's civil rights and liberties in a variety of contexts. I advise and advocate for those who seek justice and equality – including discrimination victims, employers, and entrepreneurs. 

What Are Your Civil Rights?

Your civil rights guard against things such as discrimination and police misconduct and are guaranteed by state and federal law, including:

  • The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution protects various individual rights. For example, the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and provides protection against retaliation by government officials—including police officers and government employers. The Fourth Amendment protects against illegal searches and seizures and police brutality—including cases involving unlawful arrest and wrongful death. The Eighth Amendment bars cruel and unusual punishment. And the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments have provisions regarding "equal protection" and "due process of law" that prohibit discriminatory laws, the discriminatory enforcement of laws, unconstitutional takings, and other conduct by government actors in a variety of contexts. 

  • State and Federal Statutes

A number of state and federal statutes guarantee certain civil rights. For example, both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Minnesota Human Rights Act prohibit government and various other entities from unlawfully discriminating based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national origin. Additional laws bar other kinds of discrimination, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act's prohibition on irrational discrimination based on disability and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act regarding age. There are also civil rights laws that go beyond discrimination—such as the Family Medical Leave Act, which ensures that many employees have time off of work to care for themselves and their family members. While some civil rights statutes apply in specific settings, such as employment, others are more broad and may also apply to education, housing, places of public accommodation, and more.​

Protecting Your Civil Rights

Most police officers, government officials, and others who provide services and places of public accommodation perform their jobs in a professional manner and with an expected level of care. However, in the heat of the moment, some make a poor decision or bad judgment call. When police officers or other officials do not follow the law properly and violate the rights of others, they may be held accountable. 

If this is happened to you when interacting with the police or other official, you need an experienced civil rights attorney to advocate for your rights under the law.

Attorney Josh Newville can provide you with dedicated representation for a wide array of civil rights claims, including those involving:

  • Wrongful detentions and/or false arrests

  • Police brutality and excessive force

  • Illegal searches or seizures of your property

  • Public accommodation discrimination 

  • Education discrimination

  • 1983 claims, which gives you the right to file a civil action against any person who, while acting under the color of law, withheld from you a statutory or constitutional right

Newville PLC is dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected if you have suffered discrimination or have had your constitutional or civil rights violated.

Get Compensation and Justice for Your Civil Rights Violation

Attorney Josh Newville takes seriously any matter that involves the violation of an individual’s civil rights, whether by a government agency or corporation or by an individual, such as a police officer. If you have fallen victim to the wrongful acts of law enforcement or others, it is vital that you contact the law office of Newville PLC as soon as possible so Josh can help you learn your legal options, protect your rights, and obtain the justice, financial compensation, and other appropriate relief to which you may be entitled. 

If you are looking for the best civil rights law firm to handle your case and obtain justice on your behalf, consider Newville PLC. Among civil rights attorneys, Josh Newville offers his adept knowledge and experience as a strong advocate who will fight to address the violation of your civil rights under federal or state law.

Contact an Experienced Civil Rights Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

To learn more about the civil rights representation that Newville PLC offers in Minnesota, go online to arrange a consultation or begin a free case review. 

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