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I litigate employment and civil rights cases, serve as a mediator for civil disputes, and provide employment law advice.

1984 – 2003

2003 – 2009

2009 – 2012

2012 – 2018

2018 – 2022

2022 – 

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. The first in my family to attend college, I was lucky to have amazing educators and mentors who taught me to revere knowledge, question the status quo, and always stand up for the little guy. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer in 2nd grade. In high school, I was a top athlete, class president, and newspaper editor.

During my senior year and for two summers after graduation, I owned a residential painting business that employed 18 people. I went to college at the University of Minnesota, where I studied philosophy and political science. During undergrad, I worked full-time in investigative loss prevention and part-time as a top-40 radio DJ.

I also went to the University of Minnesota for law school, where I quickly focused on civil rights and employment law. While studying, I worked as a teaching assistant and as a top-rated and nationally-recognized LSAT instructor. I graduated with honors in 2012.

I started my legal career with superb trial lawyer Ashwin Madia. I quickly learned a lot. By 2014, I was handling my own cases. For example, I led the successful fight for marriage equality in the Dakotas, secured legal protections for vulnerable persons at the Minnesota Supreme Court, and helped a whistleblower recover millions of dollars.

After becoming partner in late 2018, I largely managed our law firm for four years. As the firm grew, so did I -- both personally and professionally. In 2019, I began serving as outside general counsel, officer, and board member of a multi-state manufacturing business. In 2021, I started mediating civil disputes. I found it refreshing to incorporate these positive and resolution-based components to my practice.

In 2022, I made the difficult decision to take my law practice solo. I will always be friends with Ashwin and am forever grateful to him. I am also humbled by the opportunities and experiences I have had thus far and am excited for the future. If I might be helpful to you, please let me know. I look forward to hearing your story! 

5-Star Google Review

Annie - Minnesota

"Joshua Newville is a brilliant and tenacious attorney. When I met with him, I was close to giving up hope that I would find a solution with my employer, which is a large company with a General Counsel. Josh said he'd take on my case. He then got my employer to agree to mediation, an avenue it had previously refused while it engaged in delaying tactics for years. The fact that Josh brought them to the table was a feat in and of itself. Josh fought to obtain an equitable settlement and to ensure that the issues of wrong-doing were addressed through policy changes within the company. I am incredibly grateful to have had Josh advocate for me. He is skilled, determined, and motivated to get justice for his clients."
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