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Eliminating Race Discrimination in the Hiring Process: Strategies for Success

Companies of all sizes and across industries are striving to be more inclusive in their hiring processes. Businesses recognize there is value in a diverse workforce. Yet many organizations struggle to evolve their hiring practices in ways that allow Black and Indigenous candidates and any other candidates of color to compete on a level playing field. Overt racism isn’t usually the culprit, though. Instead, the hiring process often has unconscious biases baked in, and these biases seep into recruiting, promotion and retention decisions.

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If you’re involved in hiring at your company and you desire to make your hiring process more inclusive, you may want to consider some of the strategies in this article.

1. Develop Awareness of Hiring Prejudices

You can’t begin to overcome unconscious bias until you and your employees are aware of the problem. One suggestion is to have ongoing conversations about biases with everyone who is involved in hiring at your company. Once you all understand the problem you’re trying to tackle, you can look into providing bias awareness training. For example, you could bring in a consultant to speak to management about racial bias in hiring and how to avoid it.