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$250,000.00 Settlement for Client Who Was Urinated On In North Dakota Oil Field

On Wednesday, Attorney Joshua Newville joined the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Ebeltoft Sickler in requesting that the United States District Court for the District of North Dakota approve a quarter-million dollar settlement and consent decree.

oil drill in field

The case, EEOC and Matthew Clark v. American Casing & Equipment, Inc., No. 4:15-CV-66-DLH/CSM (D. N.D.) stems from Newville's client Matthew Clark filing a charge of discrimination in February 2014, a few weeks after he was fired by American Casing & Equipment, Inc. (“American Casing”).

After the EEOC found probable cause to conclude that American Casing engaged in discrimination and retaliation, the EEOC and Newville filed suit against the company in federal court.

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Joshua Newville is an attorney and mediator based in Minnesota. He litigates employment and civil rights cases, serves as a mediator for civil disputes, and provides employment law advice.