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Posts from Joshua Newville, a Minnesota employment lawyer, civil rights attorney, and mediator.

Newville Files Discrimination Case Against Fargo Hospital On Behalf of Transgender Employee

Yesterday, on behalf of a former transgender employee denied access to the locker room consistent with her gender, Joshua Newville filed a federal lawsuit against Fargo-based Sanford Health.

Emergency sign outside hospital

Said Newville:

The EEOC has made clear that Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination also protects transgender employees. Stereotypes about who is properly considered “male” and “female” are damaging to our society. They are irrational vestiges of long-oudated notions that men and women have certain “proper’ places in society and should look or act a certain way. When people harbor such sentiments, regardless of whether it is based on fear and uncertainty or outright hostility, it can lead to discrimination in the workplace and beyond. This lawsuit is about whether this Fargo employer discriminated against one of its transgender employees.


Joshua Newville is a Minnesota employment lawyer, civil rights attorney, and mediator. Josh litigates and advises on such matters as wrongful termination, whistleblowers, discrimination, police misconduct, and more. He offers paid legal consultations and free online case reviews regarding employment law and civil rights.

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