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September 2013: Madia Newville Wins $298,000.00 Jury Verdict On Behalf of Small Business

Attorneys Ashwin Madia and Joshua Newville obtained a successful jury trial verdict on behalf of a Minneapolis-based small business last week. On Tuesday, a Hennepin County jury returned its verdict in Stallions, LLC d/b/a/ Club New York vs. St. Croix Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, LLC f/k/a St. Croix Mechanical, LLC and Steinkraus Plumbing, Inc.  (Case No. 27-CV-11-16645).

The jury held that Defendant St. Croix Plumbing and Drain Cleaning was negligent in performing plumbing work on the Minneapolis Lumber Exchange Building. The jury found that, as a direct result of St. Croix’s negligence, Club New York was damaged on June 25, 2010 when a catastrophic plumbing failure resulted in major flooding to the building and to Club New York. The jury awarded Club New York $298,000.00.

Club New York June 25, 2010
Club New York, June 25, 2010

Hennepin County Judge Laurie Miller oversaw the five-day trial, where Club New York was represented by Madia and Newville. The jury found that Defendant Steinkraus Plumbing, represented by Attorney Teri Benston of Liberty Mutual, was not negligent.

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Joshua Newville is an attorney and mediator based in Minnesota. He litigates employment and civil rights cases, serves as a mediator for civil disputes, and provides employment law advice.

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