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Joshua Newville, Minnesota Employment Lawyer, Civil Rights Attorney, and Mediator

Employment Lawyer, Mediator, and Civil Rights Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Josh Newville is an experienced advocate in Minnesota who handles employment, mediation, and civil rights matters. Josh is committed to his clients and dedicated to providing high-quality legal services. Contact him today to schedule a consultation or to start a free online case review. 

Employment law includes wrongful terminationdiscrimination, whistleblowers, retaliation, wages and tips, family and medical leave, and more. At Newville PLC, Josh helps those who have legal needs involving the workplace. As an experienced employment lawyer serving the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, he advises employees and employers, negotiates resolutions, litigates cases, conducts investigations, and mediates disputes. 

Employees and employers alike are often unaware of the rights and regulations affecting the workplace. Josh understands the issues that many employees and employers face at work and is committed to helping his clients understand the law and their options. He can answer your questions, help you make difficult choices, and provide you with strong legal support.

Mediation is an opportunity for people locked in disagreement to resolve their conflict before a judge or jury decides the matter for everyone involved. Josh is a professionally-trained mediator and Rule 114 Qualified Neutral. He works collaboratively with other attorneys and their clients to explore innovative means of resolving disputes.

You can count on Josh’s experience, intuition, and knowledge of the law and mediation practices to provide you with the fair mediation you need to resolve your legal dispute. Whether you need a Minnesota mediator for employment law matters or civil rights disputes, Josh has you covered.

Civil rights are the most important of our legal protections. They include constitutional safeguards, prohibitions on discrimination and police misconduct, and more. Josh is an ardent civil rights defender. He litigates cases in state and federal court in Minnesota and beyond.

If you have been victimized and abused by powerful forces, such as large corporations, the police, or other government officials, you need a determined legal advocate who can fight against teams of lawyers with deep pockets. Attorney Josh Newville is that kind of strong legal advocate. He has the experience and resolve to fight for your rights with every resource available.

Contact Attorney Joshua Newville for a Consultation or Case Review

For more information about the legal representation and services that Josh provides for employment, civil rights, and mediation matters in the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area, contact his office to schedule a legal consultation or start a free online case review. 

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